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This is a great way to see all Portsmouth has to offer in a single day - The PORTSMOUTH ORIGINAL Day Tour: 10.00AM: Indian River Tour A trip up the Indian River is an experience the visitor is not likely to forget - a delightful, relaxing ride, featuring mangrove swamps and wildlife at close quarters.  The river was named after the Carib Indians who lived along its banks, and used the river to get from inland villages to the sea where they fished.  In early days, the river was used as a trading ground between the crews from ships and the Caribs. 12.30PM: Lunch at Indian River restaurant 2.00PM: Fort Shirley – Cabrits Fort Shirley: The fort was the headquarters and the main defence post of the British army at the Cabrits on the North-West Coast of Dominica.  Construction began under the direction of Sir Thomas Shirley, Governor of Dominica (1774 – 1778). The layout is in the shape of a polygon marked by two gun batteries - the lower and the upper battery, overlooking the entrance of the bay. The Fort Shirley museum has been established featuring both the park history and natural history.  The fort is located on the volcanic peaks of East and West Cabrit and surrounding with a dry tropical forest. Cabrits National Park: This is an area of 1,313 acres, including 1,053 acres of marine area. In the park you will see the dry scrub woodland, cyperus cladium sedges with pterocarpus in foreground around the swamp and much more as the journey continues along. The Waitikubuli Trail passes through the park and the site which contains the ruins of the eighteenth century Fort Shirley. 4.00PM: Seabath at Purple Turtle Beach This is one of the more popular beaches in the country with a restaurant on site offering local Creole dishes and drinks. 5.00PM: End of tour Price: US $54 / per person To book your tour Contact Us.

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