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Attractions In and Around Portsmouth

Indian River
Indian River
  Portsmouth offers the visitor a wonderful historical experience through the Indian River and Fort Shirley.  A trip up to the Indian River is a delightful, relaxing ride where the mangrove, swamp and wildlife can be seen at close quarters.  The River was named after the Kalingo (Carib Indians) who used to live along its banks.  They used the river to get from inland villages to the sea where they fished.  In early days, the river was used as a trading ground between the crews from ships and the KalingoFort Shirley, it is part of the Cabrits National Park which covers 1,313 acres, including 1,053 acres of marine area. There is an enormous amount to see and to do, so the visit should not be a rushed. The sites contains the ruins of eighteenth century fort, the volcanic peaks of East and West Cabrits, the dry tropical forest, a large swamp, beaches, and coral reef.
Underwater Beauty

Underwater Beauty

Visit Portsmouth to see the market close to the sea with its colourful local fruit and vegetables. Walk to Glanvillia to see the hot sulphur spring.  Take a bath at the Purple Turtle Beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset at Coconut Beach or at Douglas Bay where there is a fascinating coral reef. The coral reef at Douglas Bay is also protected as part of the National Park, and the beach, fringed with palm and almond trees along the bay, makes a great place for picnics.  There is fascinating underwater trail for snorkelling. The coral grows on the top of volcanic rocks outcrops, and the bay floor is covered with sea grass, home to shoals of brightly coloured tropical fish. There is also great diving in the Portsmouth area!
Syndicate Falls

Syndicate Falls

Hike to Morne Diablotin, the tallest mountain of Dominica. Or take a gentler hike along the Syndicate Trail to discover the Sisserou parrot, which is the only endemic species of that kind in the region. From the littoral vegetation to the rainforest, from the Kalingo to the white settlers and free slaves, Portsmouth is rich in our heritage. 


Indian River Tour video and  Portsmouth Market, Indian River and Cabrits on YouTube.com

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